What can Bowenwork do for you?

Bowenwork is a healing modality of bodywork that with gentle moves over specific points such as muscles, ligaments and fascia will let the body go into a relaxation mode which in turn allows it to heal. It is effective for both acute injuries such as strains and falls and also for chronic conditions such as back pain, asthma, gastric reflux, stress and anxiety to name but a few. Because the work is so gentle, it is effective for all ages from babies to the elderly. The links to my site will take you to the Academy here in the US where you can find more information. Until next time, enjoy each day!

About bowenworkbyhelen

I am a Bowenwork practitioner in Fort Collins. Bowenwork is a hands on soft tissue therapy involving moves across specific ligaments, tendons and muscles. It stimulates your body to activate it's own healing process by balancing tension patterns resulting in a state of relaxation.
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