It’s been a while, but I guess all good things come to those who wait! That four letter word, well it may be a good place for me to start.

WAIT is one of the three important W’s in Bowenwork. We live in a world that is more stressful and hurried every day and so when we are advised to ‘wait’ for our bodies to process after a Bowenwork session, we are not sure how to do that. We want an instant relief or fix to our problem. We find it hard to understand at first how a ‘simple’ move can, if we wait, give us the start of profound healing in our bodies.

When the body has endured any trauma or stress in the past, it tends to “hold on” to that experience and get “stuck”. Naturally, it is far better to receive a Bowenwork session as soon after an accident, injury or event as possible to prevent any long term issues. We are advised to wait from seven to ten days for our bodies to re-balance after a session. During this time we may experience an increase in discomfort or feel there was minimal effect. What we need to remember though is:

*How long ago the injury occurred or condition started.

*Every body responds differently and at different times.

*The first Bowenwork session is basically balancing the body so it can then begin to heal itself with further sessions.

It is indeed difficult to wait for anything in this fast speed world of ours, but it is a crucial aspect of Bowenwork. And so to end, I would just like to thank my Bowenwork buddy for a great session last Sunday, I feel fab! I personally have trouble waiting for my next session.

About bowenworkbyhelen

I am a Bowenwork practitioner in Fort Collins. Bowenwork is a hands on soft tissue therapy involving moves across specific ligaments, tendons and muscles. It stimulates your body to activate it's own healing process by balancing tension patterns resulting in a state of relaxation.
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