The Necessities of Life and Bowenwork!

Every time one has the good fortune of having a Bowenwork session, they will be advised by their practitioner to drink water and go for a walk, even for a short distance. People ask why?

Water is the essence of life. Approximately 2/3 of our body weight is made up of water. It enters via the gastrointestinal tract and is excreted as urine via the kidneys and sweat when we exercise. We need between 1.5 litres to 2 litres or 1 – 2 quarts daily to maintain optimum hydration. When we drink too little water, the tissues of our body dry out and cell function is disturbed. Headaches, dry skin and lips, constipation, achy joints and decreased immunity are all side effects of dehydration. Why it is particularly essential after a Bowenwork session is to hydrate the fascia surrounding our organs and tissues.

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise we can do to get our blood circulating. Inside or out, just put on your shoes and go! Take some deep breaths, walk slow to warm up and it does not have to be a great distance in the beginning. Take in your surroundings, go at your own pace and enjoy. Walking after a Bowenwork session reinforces the healing process and also increases muscle tone. You will feel happier. Smile along the way for no particular reason and you will have a better day.

About bowenworkbyhelen

I am a Bowenwork practitioner in Fort Collins. Bowenwork is a hands on soft tissue therapy involving moves across specific ligaments, tendons and muscles. It stimulates your body to activate it's own healing process by balancing tension patterns resulting in a state of relaxation.
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